Westin Hotel: Cancel Elephant Trophy Hunt Auction

Please help save elephants and other majestic animals from being gunned down by Canadian trophy hunters.

On Saturday, January 25, the Calgary Chapter of Safari Club International is hosting a gala at The Westin Calgary Airport. The trophy hunting club will be auctioning off the chance to slaughter innocent animals, including a 14-day elephant trophy hunt in Botswana, with a starting bid of $63,000 USD. Other disturbing prizes include chances to shoot crocodiles, cape buffaloes, doves, and other animals in countries around the world.

Trophy hunting is violent, cruel, and has no place in a compassionate world. Animal populations, including elephants, are under threat worldwide. These animals deserve protection—not bullets for the sake of entertainment.

Westin is owned by Marriott International, which has an animal welfare policy that requires ethical conduct and humane treatment of animals across its operations. Allowing an event at a Westin hotel to auction off the lives of an elephant and other animals goes directly against Marriot's stated commitment to protecting animals.

Please urge The Westin Calgary Airport NOT to allow this disturbing trophy hunt auction!

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