Help us keep children safe from abuse online

We need legislation to keep children safe from abuse online. On average, social media platforms are used up to 90 times a day to groom and abuse children and share child abuse images. This proves more needs to be done to stop abuse. Each passing day without legislation puts more children at risk of abuse. 

We’re demanding the new Government leads the way worldwide, bringing forward laws to become the first country in the world to protect children from abuse online.

Together we can demand Parliament treats children’s online safety with the urgency it deserves. There are two things your MP can do to support our Wild West Web campaign.

  1. Ask the Government to bring in the Online Harms Bill that will hold tech companies to account.

  2. They can support legislation for an interim regulator to start protecting children from online abuse as soon as possible

Email your MP now and ask them to put children’s safety first.


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It's only with your support that we can keep children safe. That's why we'd love to keep you posted with news about our campaigns and other work, how your support can make a difference and the variety of exciting ways you can support us in the future.

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