Say "NO" to Ag Gag Laws In Ontario

The Ontario government just introduced Bill 156, dangerous legislation that would make it illegal to expose animal cruelty on farms, in transport trucks, and at slaughterhouses. 

The government doesn't regulate or monitor animal welfare conditions on farms. This has contributed to a crisis of animal cruelty. Secretly-recorded footage regularly shows animals on farms, transport trucks, and in slaughterhouses suffering from abuse and neglect. Instead of passing laws to protected farmed animals, the government is attempting to conceal the cruelty, targeting whistleblowers who expose appalling animal suffering. This chilling move is similar to so-called "ag gag" laws in the U.S. which criminalize filming animal cruelty. Many of those laws have been struck down in court as unconstitutional.

Please take a moment to tell Premier Doug Ford, Agriculture Minister Ernie Hardeman, and your local Member of Provincial Parliament to protect animals, not conceal cruelty!

Photo from Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

URGENT: Ask Ontario Legislators to Reject Bill 156

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