Help close the ritual slaughter loophole

Under Canadian law, slaughterhouses must render animals unconscious by stunning them before they are bled. Yet the ritual slaughter loophole in federal law allows animals to be slaughtered while still fully conscious in accordance with Judaic or Islamic law.

Globally, there is near-consensus amongst veterinarians that non-stun slaughter causes additional fear and pain to animals.

Slaughtering animals without stunning them is considered inhumane, and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association is opposed to slaughter without stunning because “it causes avoidable pain." Religious freedom is an important Canadian value, but it should not include the right to harm animals.

Please join Animal Justice in asking federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay to ban non-stun slaughter as new draft guidelines on the practice are open for public comment. The draft guidelines have been developed by the Federal/Provincial Animal Welfare Group, which includes the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

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