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Now that there’s a new set of MPs in Parliament, we want to make sure that they know that preventing, treating and caring for stroke survivors matters to you. 

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 We’re calling for three key simple and achievable actions from the new Government:

The Government must remain committed to preventing strokes

9 in 10 strokes are preventable and associated with modifiable risk factors, yet over 100,000 happen across the UK each year. Risk factors include high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) and lifestyle factors, like diet and smoking. By targeting those most at risk, thousands of strokes can be prevented every year.

Stroke patients must receive timely treatment in a specialist stroke unit

There’s a postcode lottery of hospital stroke care across the UK, and your chances of surviving a stroke are dependent on where you live. For example, mechanical thrombectomy, a gamechanging and hugely effective treatment, is only available to a fraction of those who could benefit from it. The Government must ensure that all stroke patients are treated in high quality specialist stroke units, equipped and staffed 24/7 to deliver world-class treatments. This will save lives and reduce the chance of disability.

Stroke survivors must have access to sufficient rehabilitation and long term support

Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability in the UK, and devastates lives in an instant. To make matters worse, many stroke survivors feel abandoned once they leave hospital, despite living with physical and cognitive disability, or mental health problems. It’s vital the Government makes sure that stroke survivors have access to the right amounts of rehabilitation and ongoing support, to help them rebuild their lives after stroke.

‘The more that politicians hear from us about stroke, the better informed they will be.’ – Baz, stroke survivor

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