Want walking put first?
Now's the time to tell your election candidates

As the UK heads for the polls on 12 December, it faces an urgent need to tackle the public health crises of obesity and inactivity, boost the vibrancy of our communities and public spaces, improve the quality of our air and address the urgent challenge of climate change.

Walking has a vital role to play in all of these

By ensuring people make shorter journeys on foot, we enable them to get more exercise, reduce emissions and improve air quality in the process.

Ask your local candidates to sign up to our five-point Manifesto for Walking

  1. Raise long-term investment in walking and cycling to at least 10% of transport spending
  2. Transform routes to school with at least 55% of primary pupils walking to school by 2025
  3. Tackle pavement parking across the UK, building on progress in Scotland
  4. Revise the Highway Code to make our streets safer for walking and cycling
  5. Make 20mph the default limit in built-up areas.



First tell us your postcode so we can work out who your candidates are