San Francisco

Thursday, March 26, 2020
Dolby Cinema
1275 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103

6:00 PM Cocktail-style dinner | 7:15 PM Program in cinema | 8:30 PM Dessert reception

As critical partners in defending human rights here and around the world, we invite you to join us at our annual Voices for Justice gathering on March 26th, 2020. We will celebrate the progress we have made in advancing justice, dignity, and equality in a different setting with an exciting new format and program. We look forward to an evening with friends who inspire us and share our desire to make the life we live a better one for all. Can we count on your help to ensure the right to safety, health, education, a clean environment, and so much more?

By joining us, you fight for human dignity and the most basic rights for all.

Please click here if you cannot attend but would still like to make an impact.

Impact Partners

$50,000 for up to 10 tickets
You finance a field office for up to six months, allowing a researcher to be on the front lines, engaging with an affected community and our local partners.

$25,000 for up to 8 tickets 
You produce a multimedia piece that visually communicates our findings with policy makers and the public.

$15,000 for up to 6 tickets
You send a researcher on a field mission for two to three weeks to investigate human rights violations.

$10,000 for up to 4 tickets
You send our advocates to global capitals to convince governments, the United Nations, and other institutions to take action against abuses.

$5,000 for up to 2 tickets 
You fund a press conference that mobilizes the media and public opinion on human rights violations.


$150 for a ticket SOLD OUT

$75 per ticket is not tax deductible. Please note that no benefits, goods, and/or services can be exchanged for donor advised fund (DAF) payments.

For more information, please contact Jen Haile at +1 202 460-9669 or

10 tickets
8 tickets
6 tickets
4 tickets
2 tickets
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