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In 2019, thanks to your continued support, we managed to convince more governments to support protections of threatened Atlantic mako shark species from overfishing. Canada and Senegal led the calls for countries to follow the scientific advice to drastically limit the catches of mako sharks in the Atlantic, one of the most urgent shark conservation issues we face. With our petition highlighting the growing public concern on this issue, Canada and Senegal’s proposals were supported by fourteen other countries, including Gambia, Gabon, El Salvador and Egypt, as well as being endorsed by government representatives from Japan, Taiwan and China.


Unfortunately, progress was halted due to opposition from some countries, with the EU, the US and Curaçao wanting to support continued unsustainable catches of makos.


As divers, tourists and ultimately tax payers, your voice makes a difference. The louder the voice, the harder we are to ignore. We will amplify your voice direct to the decision makers to end uncontrolled mako shark fishing, let’s make sure it’s as loud as possible.