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Our environment is under attack by the Ontario government. Let them know that Ontario is not for sale!


Dear Premier Ford,

On your way to your family cottage to enjoy Ontario’s natural beauty, you may have seen the billboard telling you that our environment is not for sale. This is because your government’s environmental policies are putting the province’s farms, rivers, forests and climate at risk.

Your government claims to represent the interests of the people of Ontario. But your actions prioritize the demands of sprawl developers and polluters, making it easier for them to cut, quarter, pollute and bulldoze areas that should be protected.  

Caring for the environment is a value held strongly by Ontarians and is crucial to the province’s current and future prosperity. Unfortunately your government’s actions are in direct conflict with this deeply held value. Your government’s ongoing cuts to environmental legislation rob Ontarians of a healthy environment and climate for generations to come.

Environmental protection is key to attracting and sustaining the businesses that create economic growth. These protections were put in place to ensure that escalating floods don’t damage homes and businesses, drinking water stays clean, our wildlife and natural areas survive, and that we build a more sustainable and cleaner future.

I cannot support elected representatives that put the profits of few large developers ahead of our collective future and a healthy environment, and who fight climate solutions at a critical time for climate change action.

I urge you: listen to the collective voice of the people. Ontario is not for sale.


A Concerned Ontarian

Your This letter will go to Premier Ford, Jeff Yurek, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and your local MPP.




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The Honourable
Premier of Ontario