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Tell the government of Ecuador to guarantee the rights and protection of Amazonian Women.



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Authorities must stop the attacks on women defending the Amazon.

Kichwa community leader, Salomé Aranda, has courageously spoken out to denounce the environmental impacts of oil operations in the Amazon, as well as sexual violence against Indigenous women that is linked to the arrival of oil companies. 
In retaliation, Salomé and her family have been threatened and attacked. They remain in grave danger.
They are not alone. Other women leaders of a collective called Amazonian Women, have also been attacked and threatened with death. They risk their lives to protect the world’s largest rainforest and the Indigenous people who depend on it for their survival.

Please raise your voice to protect the Amazonian Women collective

Salomé Aranda 

Kichwa community leader
Photo by Santiago Cornejo



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