Cruelty Free International

Did you know that at least 12 billion tax dollars EVERY YEAR fund US animal research? And that dogs and cats are amongst the animals used in experiments where NO pain relief is provided?

Both of these are true - despite the availability of more reliable AND often cheaper non-animal alternatives.

Heartbreakingly, in the US there is no law requiring that available non-animal alternatives are used, resulting in thousands of animals suffering in laboratories. The US needs an end to this unnecessary suffering. 
This is why we are supporting the Humane and Existing Alternatives in Research and Testing Sciences (HEARTS) Act - and we urge you to join us!
The HEARTS Act will prioritize the use of humane and effective alternatives to animals in experiments funded by NIH. This will increase the reliability of science in the US, as well as making it more humane. 

Are you a US citizen? Do you support an end to this cruelty? Please use our quick tool to contact your Representative and ask them to support the HEARTS Act.