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Cruelty Free International

Cruelty Free International estimates that the United States conducts experiments on over 13 million animals each year. Perhaps even more shocking is that experiments may be carried out when humane alternatives are available. In the US there is no law requiring that available alternatives be used in place of animals.

Currently, the National Institutes of Health [NIH] spends at least 12 billion tax dollars a year funding animal research. Non-animal research and testing methods spare significant numbers of animals from pain, distress, and death. Crucially, they are increasingly less costly and more relevant to humans.

We believe the US should invest in modern non-animal methods, and that such methods should be used whenever they are available This is why Cruelty Free International is supporting the Humane and Existing Alternatives in Research and Testing Sciences Act [The HEARTS Act H.R. 1209] introduced by Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA) and Rep. Ken Calvert (R-CA).

The HEARTS Act will prioritize the use of existing, humane, and effective alternatives to animals in experiments funded by NIH. This will increase the effectiveness of science in the US, as well as making it more humane.

We need your help to make a difference for animals by writing to your US Representative and asking them to become a co-sponsor of the HEARTS Act.