Do you wish your neighbourhoods were greener and easier to walk? So do we!

Too often our towns and cities have been designed around cars whilst our green spaces have been neglected.

We want to change that. We want neighbourhoods that put people walking first and allow everyone easy access to quality green spaces within a short walk of their front door.

Write to your local councillors asking them to sign up to our Charter for Walking Neighbourhoods

By signing up to our Charter, your councillors will be committing to improving your neighbourhood for people on foot and to creating a network of green walking routes, that connect people to the places they want to go. 

If you are in England or Wales, fill in your details and we'll find your local councillors.

Click 'Find my local councillors' and you'll see template letters to each of them - you can edit these letters if you wish, or simply send them off in just one click.

Scotland has devolved powers in many of these areas - if you are in Scotland, why not take a look at this proposed strategy to transform Edinburgh City Centre to see if any of the ideas could be used in your own town or city? You could contact your local councillors to tell them about it. 

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