Let Nature Sing

I ddarllen yn Gymraeg, cliciwch yma.

Welsh wildlife is wonderful - let's keep it that way!

With much of our wildlife in significant decline, including a third of bird species in Wales, the need to protect nature is more important than ever.

Why now?

Most of our environmental laws come from the EU and European bodies have played an important role in implementing and enforcing these laws.

Leaving the EU means that our treasured wildlife and protected places will have no institution to defend them if laws are broken, putting some of our most beloved species at even greater risk.

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Take action

The Welsh Government has promised that EU laws will continue to apply, and that standards will be maintained and improved after we leave. They are now looking into what is needed to make sure this happens, and we need your help.

Ask the Welsh Government for new laws to secure high standards, tough safeguards and clear ambition for the environment that we all rely on by completing our e-action before 9 June.

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