The impact of pension taxation on the NHS

How you can help

Separate changes to the current pension system is leading to a ‘perfect storm’ of punitive taxation resulting in senior doctors regularly receiving sudden, unexpected and often significant tax bills. These issues specifically relate to the reduction of the annual allowance for pension growth, the introduction of the tapered annual allowance and the introduction of the 2015 NHS pension scheme.

Following the Health Secretary’s recent announcement of a consultation into introducing flexibilities within the NHS Pensions Scheme, we are asking doctors concerned by the impact of these tax measures to write, either for the first time, or as a follow up letter to their earlier representations, to their local MP.

Your letter will call on your local MP to continue to make representations on your behalf to the Treasury, and to call for urgent changes to the current regulations.

So far almost 2000 letters have been sent to MPs, by concerned doctors, and your voice will help to encourage government to take action, as well as to continue to raise awareness of this important issue.

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