Save the Endangered Species Act

As the world receives an urgent global assessment report from the United Nations on the imminent collapse of the natural world, Ontario is abandoning endangered species. Buried within Bill 108, More Homes More Choice Act, an omnibus bill, are 20 pages of amendments to the Endangered Species Act.

The fate of our most threatened wildlife are hanging in the balance: blanding’s turtle, lake sturgeon, boreal caribou, polar bear, wolverine, hog-nosed snake, wood turtle, olive sided flycatcher, redside dace and many many more. The Ontario government is moving to gut the law with Bill 108. The amendments would rollback protections to expedite housing, forestry, and other commercial and industrial developments. Time is of the essence. It looks like the bill will pass next week (June 4th) so we need to make as much noise as possible now.

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Wildlands League media statement

Sweeping changes buried in housing bill called doomsday for Ontario’s endangered species

How you can help
Please speak up to save the Endangered Species Act. We don’t need increased housing, forestry and other developments at the expense of endangered species. Please demand action to reverse the loss of our natural world beginning with saving Ontario’s Endangered Species Act from the chopping block. A copy will also be sent to your MPP when you enter your postal code.

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