Time to end logging in our flagship park - Algonquin!

Algonquin Park is the jewel in the crown of Ontario’s parks, evoking classic images of Canadian wilderness. Yet up to 70% of Algonquin is fragmented because of logging – making it the province’s only park where logging is still authorized.

It may seem hard to believe, but due to logging there are more roads in Algonquin Park than Metro Toronto! It’s time Ontario respected the latest science and recognized that logging is incompatible with a protected area.

It is also contrary to protecting  the ecological integrity of Algonquin. Support is growing to phase out logging. Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner released a report calling for the end of logging in Algonquin Park. We welcome the Environment Commissioner’s report and re-iterate our long standing call for the Ontario government to end logging in the park, and begin the process of restoring Algonquin’s damaged ecosystems.

How you can help

Please speak up for a healthier future for the park by contacting Hon. Rod Phillips, Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks and Hon. Jeff Yurek, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry to urge them to phase out logging in Algonquin and begin the process of restorating Algonquin’s damaged ecosystems. 
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