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Send a message to Prime Minster Narendra Modi of India to demand an end to the raids and intimidation of civil society. 

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Indian authorities are targeting NGOs for their human rights work.


On 25 October 2018, Amnesty International's office in India endured a 10-hour raid as a group of officials entered the grounds and locked the gates behind them. Staff were ordered not to leave or use their devices.

A similar raid took place against Greenpeace India in early October. The government has frozen the bank accounts of both Amnesty India and Greenpeace India, effectively stopping their work.

These organizations are just the latest target of the Indian government’s assault on civil society. Learn more here.

The raid on Amnesty's India offices comes just days after India was elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council. India has an obligation to "uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights". These actions by Indian authorities violate the rights to freedom of speech and expression, assembly, and association.

Human rights work is actively being crushed by India. We need your help.

Call on the Prime Minister to stop the intimidation and harrassment now!



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