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Nawal Benaissa
persecuted for social justice activism

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Use the form below to send a letter to the Prime Minister of Morocco asking him to intervene to end the continual harassment of human rights defender Nawal Benaissa.


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Nawal Benaissa speaks out for better health care and social justice.

She is one of the leading voices of Hirak, a popular movement in Morocco. She is persecuted for her work campaigning for change. Authorities have attempted to silence her, arresting her several times and forcing her to shut down her Facebook page where she has 80,000 followers.

Nawal has been held in custody 4 times in 4 months. She has even had to move because she's being surveilled. This is a common experience for people in Morocco who speak out for human rights. 

Ask Morocco to stop harassing Nawal. 

Ask Morocco's Prime Minister to stop Nawal's harassment

Will you join us to Write for Rights on December 10?

Join human rights supporters around the world for "Write for Rights", as we write letters and mobilize online and in the streets for Nawal and 9 other prominent human rights defenders at Amnesty International's global event on December 10, International Human Rights Day.



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