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Marielle Franco
killed for fearlessly defending others

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Use the form below to send a letter to the President of Brazil, urging him to bring Marielle's killers to justice, including those who ordered the crime.


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Marielle Franco fought for marginalized groups and for a fairer Rio de Janeiro.

Marielle stood up for black women, LGBTI people, and young people. She condemned unlawful killings by police. 

But then she was silenced, shot to death in her car. It's part of a pattern in Brazil, where at least 70  human rights defenders were killed in 2017. People who stand up for human rights live in constant fear. 

Marielle was a young, black, bisexual woman human rights defender raised in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Despite the limited opportunities for women like her in Brazil, she obtained a master's degree in public administration and was elected onto city council in 2016. Her life was cut short. Nobody has been held accountable for her murder.

Demand justice for Marielle today.

Call on the President of Brazil to ensure justice for Marielle!

Will you join us to Write for Rights on December 10?

Join human rights supporters around the world for "Write for Rights", as we write letters and mobilize online and in the streets for Marielle and 9 other prominent human rights defenders at Amnesty International's global event on December 10, International Human Rights Day.



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