The coalition for grouse moor reform

Revive #OurMoors 

Huge swathes of Scotland are managed for grouse shooting.

Hundreds of thousands of animals die, hundreds of thousands of hectares are burned (threatening our vital peatlands) while mass chemical medication is scattered across our uplands - so more grouse can be shot, by a few people, for 'sport'. 

There is a better way and it's time to reform our moors for our people, our wildlife and the environment.

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I support real reform of Scotland’s grouse moors

At a time when land ownership and use is being scrutinised, and huge swathes of Scotland are being used for shooting grouse, I call on the Scottish government to take this opportunity to Revive the moors to benefit local communities, our environment and our wildlife instead.

Revive is a coalition of like-minded organisations working to reform Scotland’s grouse moors.