The coalition for grouse moor reform

Revive #OurMoors 

Huge swathes of Scotland are managed for grouse shooting.

Estimates vary from 12-18 % but nobody really knows because there is not enough meaningful data on what the land is used for.

The mass killing of Scottish mountain hares, the environmental damage from muir burning on vital peatlands, the mass culling of tens of thousands of Scottish mammals and illegal raptor persecution are just some of the problems associated with driven grouse shooting. This all happens to protect red grouse so hundreds of thousands of them can be shot for fun in the space of just four months every year.

The Revive coalition believes the time has come to transform Scotland’s grouse moors for the benefit of our people, our wildlife and our environment. 

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I support significant reform of Scotland’s grouse moors

At a time when land ownership and use is being scrutinised, and huge swathes of Scotland are being used for shooting grouse, I call on the Scottish government to take this opportunity to Revive the moors to benefit local communities, our environment and our wildlife instead.

Revive is a coalition of like-minded organisations working to reform Scotland’s grouse moors.