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Gulzar Dushenova
discriminated against as she fights for accessibility

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Use the form below to send a letter to Kyrgyzstan's Speaker of Parliament asking him to support Gulzar and other activists as they fight for the rights of people with disabilities.


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Gulzar Dushenova has made it her life's mission to ensure people with disabilities can live with dignity and move around freely.

She's a single mother of two who works to increase accessibility through public advocacy, organizing trainings, meeting officials, and pushing for change on social media. 

Gulzar faces daily discrimination in a society where women aren't meant to speak out and where people with disabilities are seen as "invalids". It's hard for people with disabilities to move around when public spaces are not designed for everyone. It's also difficult to find employment or a place to live.

Gulzar is committed to her human rights work and ending the systemic discrimination that affects people with disabilities. Support Gulzar and other activists as they fight for the rights of peole with disabilities. 

Demand that the speaker of parliament support Gulzar!



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