Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights

Have you made a mad dash for the bathroom today?
You’re lucky you didn’t have far to go, or a long wait for that matter!

Having access to a toilet should not be a luxury and yet, this basic right is not afforded to everyone. Over 2.3 billion people across the globe still do not have basic sanitation facilities, like toilets or latrines. This lack of proper sanitation is a major public health and human rights issue, and can contribute to the spread of deadly disease. To make matters worse, in communities without safe, private sanitation facilities, women and girls are at increased risk of sexual violence.

In an effort to make sanitation a development priority, the United Nations designated November 19th as World Toilet Day to inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis. 

Want an easy, "pee-sy" way to take action? On November 19th, encourage colleagues, friends, and family to donate a toonie every time they use the toilet. Raise money for Oxfam’s ongoing sanitation and hygiene programs.

We promise that "urine" for a fulfilling day!

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