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Geraldine Chacón, Venezuela
persecuted for empowering young people

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Use the form below to send a letter to Venezuela's Attorney General asking him to close the case against Geraldine Chacón.



Geraldine Chacón has always dreamed of defending others.

That’s why she helps empower young people in her home city to stand up for their rights.

But she’s being hounded by the authorities just for trying to make her country a better place. They imprisoned her for four months and banned her from leaving the country.

Her case still isn’t closed and she could be arrested again at any moment, with no warning. 

Tell Venezuela to stop harassing Geraldine now

Will you join us to Write for Rights on December 10?

Join human rights supporters around the world for "Write for Rights", as we write letters and mobilize online and in the streets for Geraldine and 9 other prominent human rights defenders at Amnesty International's global event on December 10, International Human Rights Day.



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