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Protect India's Wildlife from Open Wells! 

With alarming frequency we are called in to rescue animals who've fallen into open wells, tragically common throughout India. These wells can be 60 feet deep and lack any kind of markings — sometimes they are just open pits with no signs or fences around the rim. They can be dry or filled with deep, dirty water. Any person or animal lucky enough to survive a fall into such a well might drown in the water below, or perish from exhaustion, starvation, or exposure. India's open wells take the lives of countless animals: in the past few years, we’ve rescued scores of leopards, bears, owls, hyenas, reptiles, and more. 

The open wells in Pune are of particular danger to Indian leopards, a threatened species nearing extinction. The photo above shows the latest incident that we were called in for, just days before this petition was put together. We're asking the District of Pune Collector to cover or fence off the area’s wells so that the lives of people and wild animals — like this poor leopard — are not further jeopardized. Your signature could help save them! 

Thank you so much. 

All of us at Wildlife SOS

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District Collector of Pune
Saurabh Rao