Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights

Museum Without a Home Tour

Please join us for an evening of art, food and music as we support a movement to put power and decision-making ability in the hands of women forced to flee conflict worldwide.

Common objects such as a cooking pot or a soccer ball, are more important in the conversation around women forced to flee their homes than you might imagine. These real objects – a soccer ball given to Syrian children arrived in the United States, a cooking pot given to a Burundian refugee in Tanzania – were each given to help to make daily life more manageable and to help refugees feel comfortable in their new home.

It's objects like these from around the world that will be on display at Museum Without a Home to celebrate the strength of women who are and have lived in conflict.

St-John’s, NL


Nov 20th - 6:30PM - 9PM


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Ottawa, ON


Nov 22nd - 6:30PM - 9PM


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Calgary, AB

Nov 26th - 6:30PM – 9PM


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Vancouver, BC

Nov 29th - 6:30PM – 9PM


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