The federal government claims to be serious about reducing Canada’s carbon and acid gas pollution that cause climate change and smog.

If so, major industrial projects that produce megatonnes of carbon and acid gas pollution should be approved only after a federal assessment designed to determine how to reduce this pollution.

Unfortunately, such an assessment is not being done for a huge cement plant proposed for the Ontario side of the Ottawa River 70 km upwind of Montreal. This cement plant proposed by Colacem, an Italian multinational corporation, would generate roughly one megatonne of carbon pollution and substantial smog-causing emissions every year. These emissions will drift over Montreal on the prevailing westerly winds increasing the potential for smog in that city; they will also damage hurt Canada’s ability to meet our international commitments under the Paris climate change accord. 

The Colacem cement project is currently subject to hearings of the Ontario Municipal Board considering an appeal by citizens of a re-zoning of the land needed to build the plant. So far, these citizens have stood alone.

So Nature Canada, Ontario Nature, Nature Quebec and the VanKleek Hill and District Nature Society are calling on federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna to convene a review panel to assess the environmental effects of the Colacem plant. We are also calling on Ontario Environment Minister to support this panel review.  

Please write to Minister McKenna requesting that she immediately convene a panel review to determine how to reduce the carbon and acid gas pollution this cement plant produces.

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