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Your council has the power
Call for action

When asked what the most annoying thing about the school run is, parents told us it was cars, cars and more cars.

Equally, when we polled school children about what can stop them walking to school, one in five told us too many cars outside school gates.

Your local council has the power to do something about this. Living Streets has identified a range of tools at councils' disposal.

School road closures, Controlled parking zones, and 20mph speed limits are all measures that can transform streets outside schools.

Our online letter writing tool allows your to contact your local councillors and tailor the letter to your local school’s needs.

Making local streets safer for children is a huge step towards making all our streets fitter for walking.

Ask your local councillors to take action

1. Give us some details so we can address your letter and work out who your councillors are

2. Tell us a school or a street where you think this is a problem