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Elephants made to give rides are tortured, not trained. 

The Indian city of Jaipur has been ranked as one of the 10 best places to visit in all of Asia. Tourists are drawn to the Pink City (nicknamed for the distinctive color of its stone architecture) to experience its stunning historic forts, monuments, and museums. But Jaipur is also becoming known for the cruelty inflicted upon the elephants there.

Although it may not be readily visible under the sheen of decoration and paint, these elephants bear the deep scars of abuse. Most elephants used for rides and other tourist amusements in Jaipur have been stolen from the wild and literally beaten into submission to make them “tame” enough to take orders. Many travelers are unaware of the bloodshed behind the scenes in breaking the spirits of these endangered animals. It doesn’t end there. A “riding elephant” can expect a lonely lifetime of hard labor with little or no access to good food, fresh water, or quality veterinary service when the injuries inevitably begin to crop up. Well over 100 elephants are currently being used for rides and other forms of tourist amusement in Jaipur. Some are blind. Many are over 50 years old. Others have severe health issues like tuberculosis. All of them suffer from foot problems.

This is all being done to maximize profits with no regard for the elephants’ welfare or India’s wildlife laws.

Jaipur is a beautiful city with much history. But the elephant-riding industry is tarnishing that reputation. Countless reports from NGOs, government agencies, and tourists have documented the cruelties and illegalities employed to prop up this barbaric industry.

We must end this abusive practice now — for the captive elephants caught in this sad life today and for the wild elephants who will be poached tomorrow if nothing is done! Please sign our petition to let the authorities know that this cruel practice’s day has come.

From all of us at Wildlife SOS, thank you for taking action now!

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