Ending cruelty to Scotland's animals

Stop Salmon Farm

Salmon farming is a huge industry in Scotland with 253 registered Atlantic salmon farms producing 35 million salmon in 2016. Disease, lice infestations and mass mortality are rife on many of these farms, yet despite this, the industry, with support from the Scottish Government is committed to doubling the salmon farming industry by 2030.

We believe it’s time for radical change, so that farmed salmon are given quality lives and that salmon farming doesn't harm the environment. Sign this petition to the Scottish Parliament with our partners Scottish Salmon Think-Tank, Save Seil Sound, and the Salmon Aquaculture Reform Network  Scotland (SARNS), calling for a moratorium on the expansion of the salmon farming industry in Scotland until it cleans up its act. 

Campaign partners

SARNS Scottish Salmon Think Tank Save Seil Sound

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