After a 10-year fight, Scotland is close to outlawing pavement parking.
Now we must make sure there are no loopholes.

The transport bill currently under review in the Scottish Parliament sets out a national ban making parking on pavements an enforceable offence across the country, with very few local exceptions.

Yet it currently:

  • makes exceptions for all "delivery vehicles", allowing vans to park on pavements for "up to 20 minutes"

  • does not define what a pavement obstruction is, which could make enforcement difficult

  • does not ban parking over dropped kerbs, which are vital for people using footways

We need the law to be clear:
no pavement parking, no loopholes

Please write to your MSPs in response to Holyrood's consultation. A copy of your letter will also go to the committee reviewing the legislation.

We all deserve streets that are convenient and safe to walk on.

There are just three steps to our simple action.

1. Tell us your postcode so we can work out who your representatives are