Ask the Ontario Government to Ban Outdoor Dog Chaining

A disturbing new video captured at a dog sledding operation in South River, Ontario shows dogs chained outdoors in nearly 40 degree heat, with merely plastic barrels as shelter.

Tragically, these conditions are standard in the sled dog industry. As the acclaimed documentary film Sled Dogs revealed, dogs are frequently chained outside in all weather extremes when they are not being forced to pull sleds. These social, pack animals are denied the opportunity to socialize, play, and roam free. Instead, are forced to eat, sleep, and eliminate in the same tiny area to which they are chained. Dogs frequently suffer from boredom, frustration, and depression, and when tourism declines and operators generate less profit, they may even be shot to death. In one high-profile case in Whistler, B.C., a dog sled operator shot 100 dogs to death, execution-style, in full view of one another, and dumped them into a mass grave.

Animal health experts encourage Canadians to keep pets indoors in extreme weather, but the unregulated sled dog industry gets away with chaining dogs outdoors in all weather extremes.

Like most provinces, Ontario does not regulate the sled dog industry, and keeping dogs chained outdoors is legal. 

Please tell Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Community Safety & Correctional Services Minister Michael Tibollo, and your provincial MPP that these dogs deserve better than a life of misery on the end of a chain.

End Sled Dog Cruelty

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