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Here, watch someone read Kindle's terms of use:

It took him, NINE HOURS - who is helped by this?


Sign here for stronger consumer protections

No one should have to spend nine hours of their life reading a contract for a basic product. Sign our petition to demand stronger consumer protections. 

Australians are protected from dodgy businesses by the law - specifically, the Australian Consumer Law. But the law isn't as strong as it should be.

Right now, businesses can hide unfair terms in long contracts that are extremely hard to read and understand. When CHOICE looked at e-book terms and conditions, we found that Amazon Kindle's is over 73,000 words. It also contains some nasty and legally dubious clauses, like one that demands that all complaints are resolved through an arbitration system in the U.S.A.

Our law should protect us from unfair contracts, that's why we think that any contract that is ridiculously long or written in legal-ese should be banned. 

Find out more about the Review of the Australian Consumer Law and what CHOICE is recommending.