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Sign here for stronger consumer protections

Australian regulators - we demand a better consumer law!

Safe, fair, and just markets; Australians need them. Sign our petition to demand stronger consumer protections. 

Governments from Australia and New Zealand reviewed the Australian Consumer Law recently. We are really excited to see some big items being dealt with that CHOICE has called for. Such as:

  1. - Refunds for consumers when an expensive product has lots of small problems
  2. - Businesses having to sell safe products
  3. - Quicker and more effective product recalls
  4. - No unfair contract terms in insurance
  5. - Big penalties for businesses that break the law

Next steps

This review needs to be made into law.

Let's make it happen. Sign on to our campaign!

Safe, fair, and just markets are at stake.

Find out more about the Review of the Australian Consumer Law and what CHOICE is recommending.