Cats & Birds Educational Program

The Cats and Birds educational program offers an opportunity to teach aspects of the Canadian curriculum while engaging students in fun, inspirational activities that promote the well-being of both cats and birds. These free packages are tailored towards teachers, humane and wildlife educators who teach students in Grades 4-6 and Grades 7-9.

The packages cover subject areas including science, social science, language arts and mathematics.  It includes a Conceptual Framework & Lesson Summary;  a Primer for Teachers; a Glossary; and Additional Resources (including additional links and Angel Catbird colouring pages) as well as the the lessons as themselves.

Inside you'll find engaging lessons on:

🟉Cat Bird Science 101;
🟉Bird Webs (ecosystems);
🟉Cats and Birds in the neighbourhood; 
🟉And so much more! 

Download the exclusive Education Program Package to learn more about cats and birds and to teach students how they can take care of both!




"This program has definitely increased the students awareness of and empathy towards these special creatures. Thank you so much for all that you do.”
— Sue Wells, Educator

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We are grateful to PetSmart Charities of Canada for their support of the development of this program.