On the east Sutherland coast you'll find the wild beauty of Coul Links, one of the last undeveloped dune systems of its kind in Scotland.

It's so important for wildlife that it has triple-protection. But this may not be enough to save it. 10 years after Donald Trump's notorious Aberdeenshire golf course was approved, two American multi-millionaires want to turn Coul Links into yet another luxury golf course.

Over 1,800 objections have been submitted to the Highland Council, including a significant objection from Scottish Natural Heritage. Planning officers at the Council also recommended the proposal be refused for being too harmful to wildlife. Unfortunately Councillors have not backed their officials so it now falls to the Scottish Government to make the final decision.

We have only a few weeks to urge the Scottish Government to call-in the decision. Please take action today before another precious piece of wild Scotland is lost.

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The impacts of this planning application are so significant that we have formed a partnership with Buglife, Butterfly Conservation Scotland, Plantlife Scotland, the Marine Conservation Society, the National Trust for Scotland and the Scottish Wildlife Trust to campaign against these proposals.