#Divers4Makos - Help end uncontrolled mako shark fishing now!


Join Project AWARE and its Shark League partners. We urge top fishing nations - the EU (particularly Spain and Portugal), US, Japan, Morocco and Canada - to prohibit the retention of Atlantic shortfin mako sharks immediately, as advised by ICCAT scientists, and push for an Atlantic-wide ban at the November 2018 ICCAT meeting. Add your name to the 2018 #Divers4Makos petition.


The Shark League - Shark Advocates International, Shark Trust, Ecology Action Centre and Project AWARE - focuses on the conservation of sharks and rays because of their inherent vulnerability to overfishing. Protecting these species in the Mediterranean and Atlantic is the coalition's primary goal given their exceptionally dire status.  Together we want to advance groundbreaking safeguards for sharks and rays at specific Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMOs).

Our collective voice is urgently needed to halt mako overfishing and encourage top fishing nations to begin rebuilding the under stress mako North Atlantic population.

Project AWARE is once again mobilizing its global community to influence governments and encourage action before it's too late! Join us and make your voice heard!