NatureHood in the Schoolyard - DIY Toolkit

NatureHood in the Schoolyard seeks to engage children in hands-on learning about local biodiversity by inspiring in them an interest in nature.

The NatureBlitz Toolkit provides an easy, Do-It-Yourself guide for educators to deliver NatureBlitz events in the schoolyard. This free, kid-friendly Toolkit includes resources, guidance, web-apps and more, all aimed to help encourage students to explore nature and connect with it on their own terms. It is grounded in the natural sciences and ecology and can be incorporated in a variety of curriculum objectives.

Inside the Toolkit, you’ll find tons of links and resources about:

  •  What a NatureBlitz is;
  •  How to get started on your own NatureBlitz;
  • ♦ Activities to do as part of a NatureBlitz; and
  • ♦ Other fun ways to get your students involved in nature!

NatureHood is about engaging Canadians to explore nature all around them – we call this nearby nature. We work closely with local, nature groups that organize events to help get kids outside, active, and into nature right where they live.

Download the NatureBlitz Toolkit and take a step towards getting students excited about the natural world around them!




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“The Toolkit is easy to use, and the benefits to students go beyond learning about natural history and science. Activities like this teach students that being out in nature is a normal thing, and it’s a great place to go to unwind and even help with anxiety.

- John Cameron,
Teacher, Ottawa