Save Local Wildlife Sites

Help stop government proposals to remove protection for wildlife. 

From ancient woodlands and flower meadows to wildlife oases in our cities, there are thousands of quiet, often unnoticed places where wildlife thrives. They are known as Local Wildlife Sites and there are more than 42,000 in England. Together they make up 5% of England’s land area.

Local Wildlife Sites are recognised in national planning policy which protects them from being developed for housing, roads or industry.  Even with this protection, some are lost each year.

Now, the Government is proposing to take all reference to Local Wildlife Sites out of the National Planning Policy Framework.  This means removing protection for all Local Wildlife Sites. 

This means “unprotecting” 42,000 unique places where our soils are healthy and our wildlife can thrive – and with this our society.  It means unprotecting 5% of the country’s land area – that’s an area of wildlife-rich land the size of Devon. We cannot let this happen. We don’t believe in unprotected sites.

We believe this could be a disaster for our wildlife.  

If the Government is to achieve its ambition to be “the first generation to leave the environment in a better state than it found it” , it must reverse this proposed change to the planning rules.  Because our Local Wildlife Sites lie at the heart of nature’s recovery.  A recent survey of over 5,000 Local Wildlife Sites showed that 16% had been lost or damaged in the last five years and loss to development was a significant cause within this . This is happening even with the basic levels of protection - imagine what could happen when there’s none. 

We must not let the Government forget Local Wildlife Sites and leave them unprotected.

Please stand up for Local Wildlife Sites and demand that they are reinstated to the National Planning Policy Framework. 

A consultation on the proposals closed on 10 May. Our form will help you respond to the relevant questions in the consultation. All you need to do is add your details, and we encourage you to also add your views about why Local Wildlife Sites should be protected. 

Thank you for taking action for Local Wildlife Sites.



This is part of The Wildlife Trusts’ Act Swiftly campaign calling for future planning and farming policies to protect wildlife and help it to recover.

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