Guide Dogs' biggest ever MP event 

A guide dog owner and her dog are forced into the road because of a pavement parked car.

What's happening?

Suggestions for tackling dangerous pavement parking hit the national news in April. To make the most of this renewed interest in the subject which affects the majority of people with sight loss, we will be hosting a big event to get MPs to take notice. We will be creating an interactive streetscape in the middle of Parliament for MPs to experience some of what people with sight loss do.

This will be our most ambitious event for MPs. And we need your help to get them there – which you can do simply by using the form on this page.

What you can do!

This event is a vital opportunity to help as many MPs as possible understand the challenges blind and partially sighted people face in streets all around the UK.

Please invite your MP using the form opposite and leave a message for us to deliver to them at the event. Personal messages from constituents are a real incentive for an MP to attend.

Together, we can build on this momentum and drive even more support to create real change for people with sight loss.

Invite your MP!

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