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Ask your MSP to back an end to the mountain hare slaughter

We urgently need to demonstrate that the Scottish public support bold and decisive action. If you live in Scotland and want an end to the slaughter, please take action now!

At the end of March 2018, we released footage from an investigation by OneKind, The League Against Cruel Sports and Lush showing the brutal reality of mountain hare killing on Scotland’s grouse moors. It shows military-style convoys moving across the mountain sides, killing hares and filling up their pick-up trucks with the dead animals as they go along. Another part of the footage shows a hare being shot, injured, and then being chased and killed by the gunman’s dog.

OneKind has long called for an end to the culls of this beautiful animal that is native to Scotland’s Highlands. The release of this unprecedented footage and the public furore it has caused presents us with our biggest opportunity yet to end this cruel persecution, but if we’re to succeed we urgently need your help. The Scottish Government reacted angrily to the evidence of large-scale culls, calling them “unacceptable” and promising action, but they’re now under huge pressure from the powerful pro-hunting lobby. We urgently need to show our elected representatives that we're on the side of the hares!


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