'Have your say on the future of our countryside'. The words sit against a background of lucerne, vetch and birdsfoot trefoil flowers, planted in the field margins at the RSPB's Hope Farm. Photo by Georgie Bray, Assistant Farm Manager.

We could have a farming system that grows our food and improves the environment: here's your chance to tell the UK Government what you want to see become reality.

The Government are saying they will make the environment their main priority for their spending on farming, and they want to know what you think about their proposals.

They are looking at paying farmers to restore habitats and wildlife numbers, and funding them to farm in ways that helps improve water and soil quality and manage the impacts of climate change (for example by helping to prevent flooding).

Your short answers on this page will form an email you can send to the Government. You'll be able to see and edit the whole thing before you send it.

Adult male Cirl bunting, Emberiza cirlus. RSPB Cirl Bunting Project. Devon, England. July
Copyright: RSPB (Andy Hay, rspb-images.com)

Do you agree that farmers should get financial support to help wildlife on farms, and protect what nature does for us?

Sunlit barn and cows, Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales, August. Copyright Guy Rogers (rspb-images.com)

Why do you think it's important for farmers to be able to protect the environment and restore nature?

A tractor being driven across a field of stubble at RSPB's Hope Farm. Image courtesy of Andy Hay (rspb-images.com)

Are there things that farming affects that you'd like to see stronger protection around, like pollinators, or water quality, for example?