CFIA: Crack Down on Fake Animal Welfare Labels

Food labels with animal welfare claims like "free range", "free run", or "humanely raised" are largely unregulated. Canada's lax laws have led to an epidemic of false animal welfare claims, plus widespread consumer confusion about what these terms really mean.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is modernizing food labelling laws. They issued a  What We Heard report based on consultations with Canadians, and the message came through loud and clear: Participants emphasized the need to crack down on false labels. But the agency still won't take action. Instead, they want to make animal welfare claims their lowest enforcement priority. And instead of setting out standard definitions of terms like "free range", they think consumers should be forced to contact companies themselves to find out what a food label really means.
Labelling is a key part of informed consumer choices— 82 percent of Canadians say they want clear animal welfare labelling.  Consumers can't monitor the secretive farming industry on our own, which is why the government must step in and protect people from being duped by fake labels.
It's not too late to have your say. Tell the CFIA to crack down on animal welfare labels!

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