Put an end to dangerous pavement parking

An image from the perspective of a guide dog owner, who is being led out onto a main road by their guide dog to go around a pavement parked car.

Over 800 days

That's how long it's been since the Government promised to find out how a national law to prevent dangerous pavement parking would work.

The Government has been stalling on this promise, repeatedly. We need your help to move past this roadblock. Your MP has the power to do something about this, please email them by filling out the form on this page.


The problem

Pavement parked cars force people into the road to face oncoming traffic, which is especially dangerous for people with sight loss who are left feeling scared and reluctant to go out. Outside of London it’s the norm that drivers can legally park on pavements. We want to make this the exception.

Pedestrians should be able to rely on pavements being clear and safe. Your MP has the power to make the Transport Minister for road safety, Jesse Norman, get this moving again. Email them now!

Write to your MP

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