This Elephant was Starved to Death — Demand Justice!

The day before she died, she was so emaciated one could barely tell she had once been an elephant. Skin sagged over her bony frame and her legs caved inward, no longer able to support the weight of her body. Every single movement, however small, elicited a heart-shattering cry of pain. And yet, in the small and dank room that was her “home,” men with spears, bull-hooks, and sticks beat her anyway to get her to move.

One day later, the Forest Department arrived to find that she had collapsed. We were extremely alarmed upon learning of her condition, and we scrambled to get our elephant veterinarians on a plane to Bihar to try and save her.  But she’d finally given in to the agony and passed away. Her captors had fled — leaving the poor elephant to spend the final agonizing hours of her life alone.

Her name was Laxmi. Though she had been relatively young, she was weak and her bones already brittle; the veterinarians ascribed it to a degenerative skeletal or metabolic disorder, likely the result of extreme malnourishment. Laxmi had been stolen from the wild, wrenched from her mother and her herd as a baby and denied any chance at a life of freedom as a wild elephant. In the decades that followed, Laxmi was trafficked illegally across India under the guise of a traveling circus until her debilitating disease rendered her useless to her owners.

It breaks our hearts to know we could not reach her in time, but we believe that she deserves justice —even if she never saw a single day of freedom. Please let the Chief Wildlife Warden of Bihar know that illegal trafficking, neglect, and severe abuse of elephants like Laxmi is intolerable, and a precedent must be set. Demand justice for Laxmi.

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Letter to:

Chief Wildlife Warden – Bihar

Laxmi elephant died in extreme pain and horrific isolation in Motihari, Bihar, after suffering her entire life at the hands of cruel humans. She was illegally captured from the wild, then tortured and allowed to wither away, denied the care that would have saved her life. Such illegal trafficking, neglect, and severe abuse of elephants is intolerable, and a precedent must be set.

We implore you to ensure that this magnificent being did not lose her life in vain! Please take strict action against the people who illegally held Laxmi and abused her to the point of death. Please send a message to all others who would commit such atrocities. Your compassionate and immediate response to help elephants would be greatly appreciated throughout the world.

Thank you!