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Letter to:

Smt. Renuka Kumar, Principal Secretary, Forest Department, Govt. Uttar Pradesh


Honorable Smt. Kumar,

I write to you on behalf of a rescued elephant named Priyanka. She is currently living at the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura. When she arrived, Priyanka was given a thorough veterinary exam, which revealed an array of medical issues that can only be attributed to abusive treatment in her previous life. She suffers from anemia and has parasites, broken bones in her feet, and blindness in both eyes. She has endured pain and neglect for many decades — but as of now Priyanka finally has good medical care, nutritious food, and a life that is free of chains.

But all of that could change. Her previous owner is asking the courts to send Priyanka back to him. We ask that you show mercy for this elephant and allow her to remain where she is, where she will continue to receive compassion, companionship, and lifetime veterinary care. We also ask that you pursue justice on behalf of this elephant, who was illegally kept, and bring charges against the man who did this to her. This will send a strong message to others who also wish to keep, buy, and sell elephants illegally.

Thank you for taking a stand against the illegal ownership and abusive treatment of elephants.