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One of my main problems is walking. I can’t walk unaided and I use a wheelchair or mobility scooter when out and about. I don’t know how my daughter feels about this because she just accepts it. If she is bothered by it, she never tells me. 

Another huge problem is mum guilt. I often have to say no to my daughter because I physically can’t do what she wants. I try not to feel guilty. I just try to feel good about what I still can do. I might not be a ‘normal’ mum who can walk, but I make sure I do what I can to the best of my capabilities. I know she loves me for me.


I was diagnosed in 2011. But I didn’t get treatment straight away because they were waiting for me to have another relapse.

Once I had two relapses I started on an injection once a week. That one was a big needle that went straight through the muscles and I didn’t like the side effects- it gave me flu like symptoms the day after.

When I had my MRI it showed new lesions so I went on some oral tablets (since 2015 Dec) and that’s been going really well. I’ve had no new lesions.