This past July, a massive expansion of the Lake Louise Ski Hill was approved. This proposal would require removing land from legally protected wilderness to accommodate the demands of a private business. This is just the latest in a growing number of inappropriate developments within our national parks. 

Canada's national parks belong to all Canadians. Yet this growing trend of commercial development threatens the natural values our parks are intended to protect, as well as our collective responsibility to pass them on unimpaired to future generations.

For decades, experts have highlighted the threat posed to Canada’s national park ecosystems from incremental infrastructure development. It’s why putting nature first in each and every management decision in our parks is so important.

We have fought this fight before and won. Our goal is to do so again. Join us and fight for YOUR parks. Stop commercial development in Banff and Jasper.

Sign the pledge:

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned that commercial development once again threatens Banff and Jasper National Parks. Commercial development like the proposal to massively expand Lake Louise Ski Resort, the theme-park like private Glacier Skywalk in Jasper, and a proposed resort development at Maligne Lake all contradict policies designed specifically to cap commercial development in our Rocky Mountain national parks.

Please act quickly to stop commercial development in our Rocky Mountain National Parks and put in place strong measures to prevent future commercial development threats once and for all!