Nova Scotia’s protected areas are under attack

The mining industry is actively lobbying for access to Nova Scotia’s protected areas. This includes wild places, like Margaree River, Eastern Shore Islands, Kluscap Mountain, Tobeatic Wilderness, Wentworth Valley, and Blue Mountain – Birch Cove Lakes.

This is absolutely unacceptable.

Nova Scotia’s protected areas contain some of the best-remaining natural areas in the province and are home to large intact forests, species-at-risk habitat, important coastal areas, significant waterways, and representative landscapes. They contain ecosystems that help clean the air, clean the water, and store carbon in the fight against climate change.

These are also places where Nova Scotians enjoy spending time outdoors; hiking, canoeing, camping, skiing, swimming, fishing, hunting, berry-picking, skating, bird-watching, appreciating nature, and all sorts of other activities. These protected areas belong to all of us. They don’t belong to mining companies or mining interests.

We need your help.

Please take a moment to stand up for Nova Scotia’s protected areas by sending a quick note to Premier Stephen McNeil.

In your letter, you may want to indicate that you support Nova Scotia’s protected areas and that you do NOT want any protected areas opened up to mineral exploration or mining activities. If you have a personal story about enjoying time in nature, please consider sharing that as well. A short and original letter is usually the best. If you’d like a reply letter from the government addressing your concerns, make sure to ask for one.

A copy of your letter will also be sent to the Minister of Environment, the Minister of Natural Resources, and the leaders of the opposition parties. It’s important for everyone to realize that this attack on Nova Scotia’s protected areas by the mining industry is absolutely unacceptable!!

For more information:

Government of Nova Scotia