The Magpie River: Beautiful from one end to the other

Ranked among the 10 best rivers in the world for white water activities according to National Geographic, the Magpie is a playground for thrill seekers, as well as being home to rich and unspoiled ecosystems on the Côte-Nord. Unfortunately, it has been targeted as the site of a major hydroelectric project. We would like it to remain beautiful from its source to its mouth; therefore we are pushing for the creation of a protected area along the whole river, as well as a significant portion of its watershed.

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Sign this petition! CPAWS Québec and its partners would like to rule out any possibility of a hydroelectric project on this major whitewater river and would like the Government of Québec to make it a protected area. 



Minister of Energy and Natural Resources,
Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment, and the Fight against Climate Change 


The Magpie River falls among the major rivers of Québec and is set apart by a unique series of waterfalls and rapids along its course. These exceptional attributes make it worthy of an international reputation among whitewater enthusiasts. Curiously, in spite of its ecological value and its prime position with relation to recreation and tourism in the Côte-Nord, the Magpie River is not protected at this time.

I am therefore asking you to unite the efforts of the ministries concerned to ensure the complete and permanent protection of the Magpie River. More precisely, I am asking for the creation of a protected area along the Lower Magpie and the West Magpie River, as well as over a significant portion of its watershed.

The full protection of the Magpie River would also be a tangible way of diversifying regional development and promoting the sustainability of the Côte-Nord economy. It would be an opportunity to protect one of the last major whitewater rivers in Québec. Finally, its protection would prove to be a remarkable achievement for the maintenance of a rich and intact ecosystem.

This project is not only inspiring for our community, but a step toward preserving a natural heritage that is dear to the public.

Thank you.

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