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Ask your MSPs to support babies born premature or sick in Scotland 

In Scotland, babies in neonatal care are missing out on crucial time with their parents due to a lack of facilities in neonatal units to support them.

Families are frequently faced with extra costs while their baby is in neonatal care. At a time when they need to focus solely on their baby, they are instead worrying about the impact on their finances and how they will manage, particularly if they have to travel long distances to the unit their baby is in or if they have other children at home who need to be cared for as well.

Almost 80 per cent of parents told Bliss Scotland that having a baby in the neonatal unit had worsened their financial situation, with a third of parents saying the cost had affected their ability to be with their baby in hospital. 


Write to your MSPs using the form to ask them to act to provide parents with the support that they need to care for their baby on a neonatal unit.